Greetings! Hope this finds your New Year going along happily.
I wanted to take a moment and let you know “Moxie” is absolutely wonderful. She is such a character. We are having so much fun with her and she is greatly adored. She is doing pretty good with the house training and seems to enjoy her brushing. We love her so very much.
I told my daughter in law I would ask… you have any more like her or expecting any. She also has fallen in love with Moxie.
Thanks so much for allowing us to purchase her. We are thrilled. Sincerely, Linda

Hi there!
 I just wanted to update you on how little "Denver," now named Oliver:), is doing! As soon as I picked him up from the airport, he was sweet, well-adjusted, and incredibly adorable. He's very playful, loves people, and has a HUGE personality. People stop us all the time (seriously 2-5 times every time we walk him) to pet him and ask what kind of puppy he is...I'm pretty sure a couple of the people in our complex actually got morkies after meeting him! He is also wonderful with my friends' children...they follow each other around, and play with each other's toys. This was a concern for me when we bought him, and I am thrilled with how well he behaves around children.
I have also given a couple of people your web address when they asked where we found you may have a few more puppies going to the San Diego area! I've attached a couple of pictures of Ollie. Thank you for raising him so well...we love him so much! Natalie
Dear Lucille –
Thank you SO much for the puppy! She was a great traveler and in great spirits once she arrived home. She immediately played, cuddled, and followed our daughter everywhere. Her last three bathroom visits happened right where we showed her, the last time she even went there all by herself! Her name is Meatball; she was almost a Lulu, but once Nina saw her, Meatball came out, and it stuck. She will visit the vet today and get to know a few family and friends this weekend.
Thank you for such a wonderful adoption experience and such a happy puppy! Pam Warren -Wisconsin
I can't believe how perfect my little black and white Maltipoo is! We decided to name her Khloe! You guys either worked with her on potty-training or she is very smart (or just both!)because she has done an unbelieveable job!!! She goes right out and does her buisness.
 She also knows how to climb stairs like there's no tomorrow! She is very snuggly and loving but also very spunky...She definitely has an awesome personality! I call her a cry baby because she whimpers anytime I am not RIGHT next to her! She has been an angel so far!!!!
  Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful and amazing little baby!!! She is very loved and fits right in! She made herself right at home the minute she got here. She is definitely loved by everyone (I take her with me everywhere--as much as I can)!!! Thank you so much again!!!!! L. Portz - Iowa City

Tired of homework !

Lucile thank you so much for the toy poodle. We have named him Tucker. Josie our daughter is getting along great with him he has been such a good boy and has really grown close to our family. We plan to keep you updated on him and the Collins Family From Centerville Iowa would like to thank you so much for such a good dog and a beautiful toy poodle.

Hi Stanley & Lucile!
It's been 5 months since u let us adopted Annie . It's been so good and a joy to have her, she perfectly fits into my family. You are right about her, she is sooo lovable and has a great personality , thanks to y'all for raising wonderful puppies! We love her everyday and can't thank u enough. I hope u and your family have a wonderful holiday !!

Happy New Years Stanley&Lucile !! Just wanted to let u know that Annie is doing great and she is loved by everybody ! She is going to be 2 years old in March and we all going to move to Hawaii in Feb, looks like she is going to be a island girl (; god bless u and your family and happy holiday ! Lockhart

Hi Lucile! Better late then never as they say...
Here is an update of the "lil Male" that you sold us back in August of 2011. He is doing great and is a handsome lad. He does indeed come from a very quiet family as he never yips or barks out of turn. He just loves to play, cuddle and sleep. He gets to live the good life and he is well behaved and highly intelligent. So much so that we trained him very early on to use a potty pad/mat. It's pretty awesome having a dog that goes to the bathroom like a cat, but if even cleaner. Since he is so small (just over 7 lbs.) and perfect we were worried that he wouldn't be able to "hold it" until we got home from work. So we starting him on the potty pad as early as ten weeks. He caught on like a champ and we are able to take him on trips with us and even leave him in hotel rooms without worrying that he'll cause a commotion.
Thanks for your fine breeding!
All our best from Colorado, Darin, Tony and Rosco

Here I am taking it easy in the sun....and meeting my big brother Louie for the first time.

 Things have settled down a lot from my first day with mom dad my brother Louie and Bubba the cat.......what a wonderful home Lucile found for me......and Mom wants every one to know that Lucile has the best puppies around ...My “Dr” said I was perfect just like my brother Louie....
Mom got Louie three years ago about now from Lucile and she loves him so much that I know she will love me just as much. Louie is good about making sure I don’t do things that will hurt me.......if I am being bad he will go and get me a toy to play with.........and he shares all his toys with me....but NOT his food yet..... I just wanted you all to know I am very happy in my new home and thank Lucile for being my first people mom.

and thank her for finding me my forever mom............Lucy Dorothy Louie’s new sister.Hello Lucile! Just taking a moment to update you on Penny. She had her first rabies shot today and we had never heard her cry so much! Poor thing. She currently weighs 8 pounds. Boy does she love to chew on things; hopefully those teeth fall out soon! We are all so excited that Polly and Patches found a forever home :) I've attched a recent collage of pictures of Penny, she's grown so much since the day we got her! Thank you, we appreciate and love her so very much :)

Dear Lucile, Words simply cannot express how grateful we are to have Buster in our lives. He has brought so much joy to our family and is just the most precious and sweetest little guy!
 For the short three months that we have had him, he has certainly made a name for himself around town and even has his own Facebook page (, which is doing incredibly well!
 Not only is he a great little companion to us, but he is amazing with children. He and his nieces and nephew, ages 1, 3, and 6, run around and play for hours, which gets everyone nice and tired!
 Thank you again for everything! Jess and Sam Galena, Illinois

Tyler is almost six months old now. She has pretty much become the center of our home. With her sweet, quirky nature she is a source of constant joy.

Hi Lucile: Stopping by to say hello and thank you! I purchased a female Morkie from you back in 2010, born 11/24/09. Her name at the time was Annie...and her brother was Andy. When i think back i should have gotten Andy, too.
 Zoey is such a great dog! She was soooo excited to see us that day she came off the plane...tail waggin'...smiling and ready to meet her new family. You can tell she came from a loving and caring home since she was so sociable and happy. She just loves everyone...children...dogs...cats...she wants to make friends with everybody! Months later i purchased a 9 week old Rat Terrier from a pet shop...wrong!...but i'm glad i did. If nothing else i "rescued" him from there. It was meant to be 'cause he's been a wonderful dog as well. Zoey and Jack are the bestest of to go on long walks and always looking out for one another...both have been a God send.
 Thanks again. All the best to you and your family! Take care and be well .. Stella Evans

Hi Lucile,
I just wanted to thank you for the papers I received in the mail. I really appreciated you getting those to me.
Here are a couple of pictures I thought you may enjoy seeing of Dollie. I hope they come through okay on your end, there are three. (Yes, she even likes to boat!) We are just loving her to pieces!!!! :) Deonne

Dear Lucile,
Just wanted to say thank you for our sweet Maizey. She has adjusted so well to our home this last week. She is such a good girl and the vet gave her a glowing report. -Ashley

We are writing to wish you a warm holiday season from one of your puppies! Meatball has been with us for about a year and a half and is as sweet as ever. She makes us laugh, loves to run, and is still our daughter's best friend. Thank you again for such a cuddly sweetheart! (Pictures attached) Your friends, The Warren Family

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Hi Lucille,
 I wanted to take a minute and pass along this message from Pixies new family. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into raising your puppies. It makes the transition from one family to the next so much easier.
 “We were very impressed with our new puppy Pixies manners. It was so obvious how much time her breeder had spent with her and how much they had taught her. She is such a delight to our family and we love her so much! Keep up the good work!” Vale, NC

   Hello Lucile! Just taking a moment to update you on Penny. She had her first rabies shot today and we had never heard her cry so much! Poor thing. She currently weighs 8 pounds. Boy does she love to chew on things; hopefully those teeth fall out soon! We are all so excited that Polly and Patches found a forever home :) I've attched a recent collage of pictures of Penny, she's grown so much since the day we got her! Thank you, we appreciate and love her so very much :)

Dear Lucile
I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to give you an update on our little Ruby! She is all healthy and a lovely 1 yr old baby! She grew out of her hypoglycemia and is doing wonderfully now! She is so smart and knows lots of tricks! She is fully grown at just under 4lbs we love her very much and wouldn't trade her for anything! I am emailing because we have decided we want to give her a sister to play with! So I am wondering about any little girls you have available right now or maybe will have soon!
Thanks again! Amanda & Erik

Lucile, Two years ago you guys helped welcome a baby morkie puppy into the world! I wanted to say thank you for allowing us to find your website and take Tiger Into our lives! Brandon and I adore him amongst the rest of my family. He is a ball of energy and has his own personality for sure! Thank you again and we hope that your puppies are all doing well! Thanks again, Chelsey Taylor and Brandon Mount Pleasant, Iowa
    Happy birthday Tiger!

Dear Lucile, I just wanted to say thank you for raising such sweet, adorable, and well behaved puppies. We've had Felix for almost 2 months and love him more & more every day (if that's possible!) He's so perfect - everything my family and I could have ever asked for in a new puppy! We already know we want to give Felix a "puppy sister". We check your website all the time to see if you're going to have another litter of maltipoos in the future....please let us know if you do! We would love to "adopt" from you & support your puppies. Sincerely, Christina

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