We couldn't be more delighted with Tyler. He is everything you said he was. My perfect dog died in Dec. You think
 it's a once in a lifetime thing. But lightning has struck twice in the same place. We actually have another perfect dog.
He "could" show if we were into that. You can tell he has been well and gently raised. He is full of personality, beautiful confirmation, and a little flirt.He loves to kiss. These are the most honest, cooperative people you'd ever want to know.
Dale Phillips - Iowa
-You've been so wonderful in all the details of getting our new girl " Lilly"! We get her on Thursday & we're so excited. We love her name and she will be called "Lilly" from now on. You have been so great in answering any questions we have.We would highly recommend them to anyone.
  Thank you so much, Jon & Kathy
Four months later....I just wanted to let you know shes doing GREAT and we LOVE her so much! She uses her potty pads like a champ! She can already.. sit, down, fetch, up, and shake! She is a smart, funny and loving dog. She really grabbed our hearts. I just wanted to take a moment to Thank you for raising such loving and beautiful puppies.She has brought much love to this household. We've always had dogs but recently lost the last of our dogs, so we decided it was time to share our love wth a dog again. And, Praise God we found you!! Lilly is so special...She has me and Jon wrapped around those little paws of hers and has brought laughter back to this house.So once again!!! Thank You for what you do!!
 -I've had my Morkie for a few weeks now. He's such a sweet pup and I can tell he was raised with love before I got him. I just signed your guestbook and wanted to send along a few photos of him and his “big sister. I named him Jasper (after my college mascot). He is settling in well, is happy and healthy. I know now why you named him Shadow...he loves people ! That little guy has no fear! Thanks again and take care, Brei - California
 Hi Lucile;
 We are so happy to have Dora the Morkie, she loves to go outside on our patio and romp. She is all we wanted in a dog …we love her to pieces she will bring us much joy. Thank you for letting us adopt her. We will take very good care of her. We were so shocked to find that she was potty trained to the newspaper thank you again. Dora is about 2lbs 2oz. - The Auker Family Riverside, PA

Words don't express how greatful we are that we found our Cricket with you! She is now 5 months old, and has turned out to be the sweetest, most intelligent puppy. We all love her so much, and we couldn't picture life without her. She has my husband, who was never a dog person, wrapped around her little paws. She puts a smile on everyones face, and we have become very popular people everwhere we take her. She loves riding in the car, and looks forward to her daily trips to pick our girls up from school. Thank you again for doing what you do, and for letting us adopt Cricket! - Heidi Curriero Baltimore, MD

 Hi Lucile, Preston is absolutely perfect! A pure, well adjusted bundle of joy came off the plane and readily into my arms with kisses and sooooo much love! I think we're a perfectly matched pair, don't you? Awwwww. What a great Christmas present! - Deb California

I just wanted to drop you an email letting you know how much I am in LOVE with my new maltipoo which we named Molly. My three children were thrilled and so shocked when we picked her up at Newark Airport two weeks ago. They refer to her as their little sister and play a lot with her. She has definitely become a loving member of our Bonapace family and we cannot thank you enough.
   Thanks again, Ingrid Bonapace NJ
My parents are doing GREAT. The puppy's name is Lola and she is absolutely ADORABLE. She is such a good puppy. She had slept in her crate that she was shipped in since she went home. We got her a larger one, but she likes that one, she goes in on her own and goes to sleep. She even goes in when they start getting ready for bed or if she knows they are going out. She has actually slept through the entire night she she came home as well. They had a little set back in the potty training this winter with the 3 feet of snow that we had, it was hard to keep her on a schedule but now that its much warmer, my dad is walking her a few times a day and she is doing really well. She plays all day, their house looks like a kid lives there with all the toys everywhere..lol. She was the best thing we could have done for them. When I call to talk to my parents all they talk about is Lola and what she did that day. Thank you, Diane
I just Love my little red poodle that I adopted from you. I could not be happier with him. He is so cute & smart. Thanks, Kathy
Miss Lucile:
We hope all is well with you and Gabby's siblings. Gabby is doing great! Here is a picture from her first groom. Of course she ripped the bow out as soon as we got home. We wanted to touch base and see if you had received the AKC papers yet? Gabby had her Doctor's Exam. She is in very good health and only got her rabies vacc. Gabby is very happy here! Her favorite toy is a stuffed animal Doberman from the McDonalds happy meal, and shes already got Jasper under her paw. In true form, if he ignores her, she will bark at him until he plays with her. Biscuit and her get along well too. Biscuit helps her to gang up on Jasper when they play in the back yard. Jasper was always too fast for Biscuit, so I think Biscuit is glad to have a partner. I have also attached some pictures of Gabby in her new dress. We are so happy Gabby is in our family. May God Bless, Nicole. the Kids, Jasper, Biscuit and Gabby Texas
Hi Lucile,
Just wanted to let you know - we LOVE our new puppy. We named her Izzie - she fits perfectlyt into our home and hearts. She's spoiled already!! She's eating good and plays well - doesn't like to be by herself but she isn't too much with 3 kids and my husband and myself.
Anway - my mother in law thinks she's the cutest puppy she's ever saw and wants to know if you will be having any more litters this spring or summer? She's been looking - but I told her I highly recommend you guys and that I would check with you. Let me know. Thanks! Holli
Hi Lucile,
We received our puppy in great spirits. What a wonderful, sweet thing she is. She is taking to her new crate, riding in the car and is so well adjusted and calm.Thanks for such a great, socialized puppy. You must love what you do.
Her new name is Tiara and seems fitting since her mom is a Queen. She will be loved and feel free to let us know any hints. She's perfect! All the best, Lisa LaJolla, CA - My daughter is 9 and is the "pack leader". She could not be happier.
Hi Lucile,
Just wanted to let you know that all is well with our new addition. We named him Milo and we absolutely love him. My girls just can't get enough. He has the funniest personality. I took him to the vet today and everything checked out well. They said he was very healthy. When we walked in everybody just ooohed and aaahed over him. He is definately a hit. I have not noticed any signs of hypoglycemia. I have attached the signed health warranty also. Thanks again for everything and I will keep you posted on how he progressess. If you could send me a quick e-mail just letting me know you got the health warranty I would appreciate it. Thanks again, Lori

I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding the pup (Milly). She is doing fabulous and has already become one of our family. My daughter Abigail loves her more than anything and they have bonded quite well. Thanks again for everything and Happy New Year to you and your family. B. Vandenberg -Virgina, IL
      We Love Olive
"This is by far the best dog we have ever owned. We could never thank you enough!"
The Sears Family
       Kansas City, MO
Stanley & Lucile,
Well it seems like we just picked our little bundle of joy up yesterday! He's already grown up so much and we couldn't be happier with him. He is the sweetest, healthiest, most playful puppy on the block! He recently won second place in a fair in my hometown for a picture of him in a flower pot! He has definitely captured our hearts and everyone's that he has met. Thank you SO much for blessing us with this amazing little guy, I can't imagine my life without him now.
   Sincerely, Jamie and Brett Galesburg, Ill.
Hi, Update on our sweet Benji, we absolutely love, love him, he has added so much life to our home. Thank you and God Bless!! Debbie Friday
Hi Lucille,
 Just thought I'd let you know the puppy Brianna, (we call her Ruby) is doing fine. The vet says she is very healthy and she is having a ball with Rocky (pup from Gwen). They play until they are so tired, then they play some more. I think she is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen, and such a great personality. Thank you SOOOO much!!! Susie
Hi I just wanted to give you an update. Toby is doing very well and has adjusted perfectly!!! I already love him so much. He is doing very well on his training, he can now sit, speak, lay down, walk on his hind legs, and fetch. He is also doing pretty well on potty training although I am having some issues with it but not many. I got him to the groomers and he looks amazing !!! I had to cancel my original vet appointment but I will be getting him in there soon. I will be getting him started on his heart worm preventitive and all that good stuff. I havent had a chance to get pics yet because he wont sit still enough to get one lol. But I am working with him on the stay command so I can get one I'll send them asap ... thanks, Katie
  It's been just about a year now since Maddie arrived so we just wanted to send you an e-mail saying how lucky we are to have found such a wonderful companion! Maddie is the love of our lives and we wouldn't know what to do without her. Here are some pictures of her first year with us. Rich and Karla
   Hi Lucille -
I love him and he is great and seriously could not thank you enough!!! -NicoleLucile,
It has been two months now since we adopted a second puppy from you, and we couldn't be happier. We named the little golden morkie CiCi, and she and Cricket have become best friends. They are typical siblings, they fight over toys, roll around on the floor together, chase each other through the house, and are always together. Everyone who sees our CiCi falls in love with how unique she looks, and how sweet she is. Thank you again for sharing yet another puppy with us, our family is now complete.
Sincerely, Heidi, Frank, Samantha, and Stephanie Baltimore, MD
PS: I am attaching a picture of both of our babies who you so graciously let us adopt. Please feel free to post this to your guest book, I didn't know how to add the picture on that link.
   Can't wait to get my new puppy! I think about him every day. I plan to name him Daytona Dude. Thanks Lucile ! - Later.... We really enjoy our little dog, Daytona. He has been on road trips with our family. He is a good little traveler. But most of all he has kept me company when the guys are gone. Thank You for raising toy poodles! God Bless ! Ann Tillman
Hi Lucile, I just wanted to let you know that my puppy has arrived safe and well. He was wagging his tail as I took him out of his crate at the cargo office and it hasnt stopped. I took him by my parents and he played with their dog Lola(who also came from you) for a little while and then I brought him home. He is adjusting well. He has been playing(see attached) and doesnt seem to mind his leash too much either. He has even gone potty outside. I cant thank you enough...He has already stolen my heart!!! Diane Speaks
Lucile, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for Little Louie.....We are home now and Louie is smelling every thing. has not barked but has made some cute sounds...he walked right up to my big old tom cat and they rubbed noses so guess that’s a go.... the cat stays pretty much out of every ones way but me so think they will be pa...Louie drank some water when we got home and I was happy about that...he also ate a little but not much.....Jackie come home with me and is going to stay all night...so if Louie has a bad night he will have two moms to sooth him.....can you tell he will rule this house.....Again thank you so much Lucile, would love to keep in touch so you will know Louie is being loved and cared for in the best way....bless your family...Louies new mom...........
Just wanted to let you know that Barney is safe and sound in his new home. He is everything we wanted! Thanks Diane Hamilton
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Hi Lucille
 I just wanted to let you know the puppie made it safely. She is absolutely adorable. Everyone has already fallen in love with her. I was surprised at how well she did afer the flight. She was very alert and playful. My parents are thrilled with her -- she's exactly what they needed. Thank you again!!! -Terri
Lucile, just wanted to let you know Riley is doing great in his new home and getting all kinds of love from his sisters. Thanks for your help and taking such good care of him! We are excited to share our life with him! - Mark & Maegen Tabor


Thank you much for letting us adopt our little morkie. We can't believe that we've already had him for a month. He's grown so much. We renamed him Mack and he is an adventurous little guy.
He is not scared of anything or anyone, which may not be such a good thing in the future :) He is so great with his big brother Ripken even if Rip is 12 times his size. We can't thank you enough for letting us adopt him!! Sincerely, Trevor and Laura Oneida, IL
Our Teenie Jewel is more than we could of asked for. She did fabulous on her car ride home. She was greeted with love from our little pack and is fearless. She fits right in, in fact I picture her in the very near future to take over as the alfalfa female. She is so very socialized, almost potty trained, eating very well, slept all night comfortably between us. She is giving us all so much joy.
Goods to you Lucile for a job over and beyond our expection. - Rebecca H. MO.
Isabelle' pride & joy
I want to let you know how much we love our morkie( which we call Bella). We can never thank you enough for being able to meet us in Waterloo for the exchange. Bella has been a great addition to our family. The bigger dogs just lay down to her height to play with her, she is not scared of them, even though they are 60 lbs heavier. I am sure my Aunt and Uncle will be contacting you in the near future! Thanks again, Tom and Kari, Dubuque, IA
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Deb & Preston
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I live in Philadelphia, PA
It has been two months now since we adopted a second puppy from you, and we couldn't be happier. We named the little golden morkie CiCi, and she and Cricket have become best friends. They are typical siblings, they fight over toys, roll around on the floor together, chase each other through the house, and are always together. Everyone who sees our CiCi falls in love with how unique she looks, and how sweet she is. Thank you again for sharing yet another puppy with us, our family is now complete.
Sincerely, Heidi, Frank, Samantha, and Stephanie Baltimore, MD
PS: I am attaching a picture of both of our babies who you so graciously let us adopt. Please feel free to post this to your guest book, I didn't know how to add the picture on that link.
Thank you so much for our new bundle of joy. I just wanted you to know that Lila is doing great and getting grown.
        Happy holiday to you and your Family. Yen Tu
  My new name is -
     Henry Hawkins
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