3 1/2 years ago I found Belle. I was very sick at the time and needed a friend to keep me company on the couch and / bed. My husband not really a inside dog person gave in quick to letting me have her. I told my doctor I think he thought I was going to die and he could get rid of her. But now she has wiggled her way in his heart. She loves to watch football with him. She is the true meaning of a lap dog. I tell everyone she is not spoiled she is needy. I love her so much. By the way my non house dog husband said she needed a friend so we now have a Bailey (Chocolate & White).
Hi there, thank you Lucile for the wonderful gift you gave me. I got a female pom in Nov of 2013, I named her Fiona Mae, she is so sweet but yet spunky at the same time! She and her sister get along wonderfully! But of course they still have little fights but they always make up in the end! She is a year old and has reached her max weight of 4lbs. She has made me look forward to living life to the fullest! Thank you so much for the gift of her, you have no idea what she has brought to my life! Thanks again The Loomis family
Hi Lucile,
 We hope you're doing well. We wanted to send you a picture of our morkie, whom we named Tank. We thought it was only fitting for his outgoing personality and spark. :)
 He is a very healthy, happy and active little boy! He's even learned to sit and go to the door when it's time to go outside. Now we are working on "shake."
Anyway, wanted to update you and thank you for allowing us to have him and spoil him. Also wondering, how big are his parents? We are trying to guess how large he will get. Thanks so much! Emily and Jason
Hi Lucile, I have been watching the site for months waiting to see if there are new puppies. We purchased Jack from you last July. I would love to purchase a little girl this time. Please let me know if you have any left and how much it is to reserve her. Thanks, Lisa M. PS, I've attached a picture of Jack. (he's the best)
I hope you and your family enjoy this Christmas season and have a very MERRY Christmas!
I can't tell you how much we love our puppies....they are 110% a part of our family and bring us such joy every day.
Grandpa's dog, Indy, comes over to play often. :) Take care. Marla
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Guest Book # 3
~ Love is so nice to come home to ~
Guest Book 1
Dear Lucille. I just wanted to let u know how much we are enjoying our new little "Jolie". She has been absolutely wonderful. She's so much fun and she's just perfect. Potty training is going well. She has a calm temperament but loves to play. Thank you so much for everything. Will send pics some time soon. -Shelley.
Hi There! We adopted Banks (formerly known as cruiser) from you a week and a half ago. I just thought I’d let you know that he’s already as spoiled as can be and is adjusting very well in his new home. He’s become quite a little momma’s boy (which I love, since our 3 year old dog is a real daddy’s girl) and he cries when momma puts him down and follows behind closely until I pick him up again. He’s such a playful little guy but once he’s warn out he’s such a cuddle bug!!
He’s just so sweet and we love him dearly and are so thankful we found him! Thank you so much! Eric and Lisa (and Penny & Banks) Furne
Hi Lucille, we just wanted to let you know that Wrigley is doing great! He has the best personality! He has adjusted quite well :). Thanks again, Heather, Matt, Olivia and Eli
Lucile, Here is a picture of Cooper. He is such a blessing to us. We love him so much. Thought I would let you know he is growing and doing great. -Sheri
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I purchased one of your Maltese puppies from October of 2014 I believe. She was the smallest one. She was a birthday gift for my sister.
She is a very loved member of the family. My sister named her Snoopy, and she is very sweet and loves people. You were right; she is small! My sister says she's almost 3lbs. Here are some pictures!
I've been meaning to get back to you for awhile to give you updates to let you know she's doing well. Thanks for your time, and for helping us add to our family! Courtney Bradley
Just thought I'd let you know we made it home safely last evening about 7. Honey slept on my lap and it worked out great! She got us up two times to go out last night. I can't believe how well she's doing with her potty training..she hasn't messed up in the house yet! I am amazed...she's doing great! I'm sure you were working with certainly have done a superb job getting her going. Thank you! Her vet check today was perfect! She was really impressed with Honey. It's obvious you put a lot of time and care into your pups. Thank you so much for letting us adopt Honey. She is an adorable fun loving girl. She's showing some more personality tonight playing ball and running after a squeaky toy dad is teasing her with! She's loving it all!! Again thanks for raising such sweet healthy pups! It's been a true pleasure meeting and working with you! Donna

  Thought I'd take a moment to update you on how Honey is doing! She weighed 2.3 lbs. At her first vet appointment, then 3.4 lbs. At her appointment this week. She's really growing! Our local pet/garden center sells the nutri source food so I've continued to feed her that. She loves a banana/peanut butter treat I found for her! I am amazed how well she does on the leash when I walk her. She definitely loves being outside. She's already learned the command "sit" so I've started on "come" now. Her attention is pretty good but still a puppy so I'm sure it will improve as she gets a little older. She is tolerating being combed but does not like any pulling when there's a knot! Her housebreaking is going extremely well! She rarely goofs and is starting to ask more often to go out. She definitely understands what she needs to do! I could not be more happy with her! She is just a character..she loves playing ball and tug with her rope! She is so funny when you're talking to her and she tips her head back and forth like she understands what you've said! She is just an adorable, loveable and smart girl! Thank you so much, Lucile, for all the effort getting her ready for us! She is just a treasure! I've tried to attach some pictures for you...Hope you can see them! Take care and have a safe, fun summer! Blessings to you and your family, Donna
Thought you might like to see how much honey has grown! She had her first haircut today with bows! She is so cute and fun! We love her! Donna
Lucile, I just wanted to touch base and give you an update on "Oliver".
He has been such a joy. He is very energetic and is slowly getting better at sleeping through the night and house training. Vet check up went fine, just over 2 lbs now. He is starting to walk around outdoors more and is becoming braver by the day. He has been a bit nippy and likes to bite your feet at times, as well as some humping. But as laughable as those are we are trying to wean him to stop those bad habits. We are very happy with our new addition. I will stay in touch with any updates or questions that arise. - Thanks again! Jacob, Ashley and Oliver
Hi Lucile!
I just wanted to touch base to let you know that our new puppy is adjusting very well! He is eating his food and drinking water and doing both of his jobs regularly outside! We love his sweet personality and all feel bonded to him. He seems to be the perfect fit for our family! I also took him to the vet today and he got a clean bill of health! We still haven't decided on a name, but we are leaning toward Buckley. I am attaching a couple of photos of him with my husband and son since you didn't get to meet them. Blessings, Kelly, Mark, Kayla and Grant
- We love lucy loo she is 17 mos old now & loves to camp out
Dear Mom Lucile: I got to my new home in great shape, slept most of the way. Pottied three times on a potty pad, had some water to drink and ate some of my food. Played and then took a nap. I think I am going to like it here. See my picture. - Love, Mitzy

Dave and I are so pleased with our Morkie. She has bended into the family so easily. She is loving, alert, and smart. We really love her. She has added so much already in just these past 3 days. It is obvious she had a great start in her first 8 weeks--thanks to you and your family. Her vet check went great, no issues whatsoever. We hope to send lots of folks to your website. Thank you for allowing us to adopt her.

purebred and designer hypo allergenic toy breed puppies

I bought a maltese puppy from you guys 7 years ago.
I was wondering when you would have maltese puppies for sale again. I am very happy with my baby boy and now I think we need a girl in the family. Stephanie H

Dear Lucile,
I am sorry we haven't written before now; time escaped me.
We are beyond thrilled with our new little girl, Margo. Our vet gave her a clean bill of health and approves of our choice!
Margo is very friendly and smart... she plays fetch and potty training is going very quickly. She is a delight and we thank you for your kindness.
Please keep us in mind if you ever need anything. We consider ourselves blessed by meeting you and your family... and for finding our new joy.
Thanks again, Peach
Hello, Lucille! Hope all is well!
Thought I'd give you an update on our little Teddy. He is such a joy! A very smart little guy, too. Potty training is mostly complete. He has always slept through the night and still does (holds his business till morning). Of course, he is very loved and spoiled! Here is a picture of him taken today (he just got a haircut). All his fur filled in completely and his coloring is gorgeous! Happy New Year! Jeanette T Fort Dodge, IA
Good morning Lucille-
   You had mentioned you would enjoy updated info on how this sweet little Morkie boy is adjusting to his new home. His adjustment to our home has been very easy! He is quite comfortable in this setting. He loves the other animals we have indoors! Day #1 he didn’t seem to care if he went potty on the paper or not… but by the next day he would consistently go find his specific area we designated for going ‘potty’ and he has not relieved himself anywhere else! We were encouraged that even during fun, playing times, he would pause his fun to take himself to his potty location and relieve himself! That’s a huge praise right there!
       His attention span for sitting down to eat is incredibly limited, therefore we sit with him at designated ‘meal times’. He eats up to a tablespoon of his kibble at each meal. His name is ‘Oliver Charles’ and he has captured our Megan’s heart! She has a soft-sided kennel that he sleeps in, on her bed, for overnights. He has successfully slept through each night without incidence.
   He has seen our veterinarian and is on a schedule to receive the appropriate immunizations on ‘schedule’. Our veterinarian was impressed with your record keeping and the quality of immunizations you used! Thank you for sharing this sweet bundle with us. Our family feels very blessed having Oliver as an addition to our family. Praying you are all well and happy into this New Year 2017! Blessings- Valerie

Lucile, We just want to share a couple of pictures of Piper on her first birthday. She was enjoying her pupcake and then after. She has been a joy in our lives. Thank you!
Dena, Brian, Kaleb, and Kendal B

Hi Lucille, this is Deb A and we purchased your morkie (Trey I think). We named him Bentley but call him Ben-ben :). We just love him!! I like his puppy coat so we have left it as is. Here are a few pics of Ben and our Yorkie Ted. Thank you so much!!
Lexi is a little black ball of fun, so energetic, keeps right up with big brother Hachi. The transition to our home went well, by the third day they were friends. The weather has been so nice that she is doing well with potty training, loves the back yard. My vet says she is very healthy.
Thank you so much for her! Have a happy thanksgiving, Jean
Just wanted to let you know "Desi" is doing awesome! She's so sweet! We love her. She's eating well and made friends with our yorkies. They like her. She slept all night and didn't make a peep. She's fitting right in. Thank you! Joan
Hi Lucille,
I purchased a Maltese from you guys about 5 years ago. I am SOOOOOO in love with her!! I now live in California, but my Dad and his wife are now looking for a maltese to to love.
 Thank you so much for my amazing Cali!! I sure do love her like no other!! I have attached a picture for you as well.
Thank you, Laura
My first grooming. I weigh 3.3 pounds now.
I just found your website and wanted to send you Handsome's pictures. We renamed him Henry he has been a joy everyday. We have now moved to New York! Henry is a registered dog therapist and pet model who gets lots of love from everyone.
(I model, and showed a producer a picture of him and he actually replaced the male model who was suppose to be in the shoot with me. He really is Handsome everyone thought so!) Allison
Little Katie a Maltipoo
Katie being loved by her new Mommy
Katie in her carrier flying to Tennesee
Big girl Katie. . .
 Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying Ivy!!! You do a wonderful job of raising puppies. She is very social and very confident. She loves to play and cuddle also!!!
The picture has her new brothers and sisters included. Ivy is at one end probably crawling on Sam- my 14 year old yorkie. On the other side the black dog is Audrey a yorkie poo. The white dog on other end of couch is Daisy and a papillon. The dog on the floor is Rizzo and a 2 year old shitzu maltese mix. I just as told he would be 10 pound dog- wrong- try 27 pounds- think she gave wrong info. Ivy gets along and plays with all dogs but can you guess who she picked as her special buddy??? --/-- Rizzo. They make a funny looking pair but they enjoy each other. Just wanted you to know how much I love and enjoy Ivy!! Donna