Below You will find the contact information to the Vet's that have been to our place over the years & have helped care for our dogs & puppies.
 I have woke each one from their sleep with questions or concerns and was very thankful for their help and advice.

     This Health Warranty is regarding a purebred_____________________
           Born __________________ Purchased from S & L Puppies

          Contact us at or 319-397-2376 641-919-4401
    You can be assured of the quality and health of your puppy based on the
 following health warranty. Our puppies are warranted for 7 days from date
 of receipt against parvo and distemper.
   They are warranted until 1 year of age against congenital defects that would prohibit your puppy from being a suitable pet.
   Your puppy must be inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours
 of receipt for this warranty to be valid.
   Our liability is limited to replacement only.
  No cash will be refunded. No vet bills or transportation costs will be paid by us.
    If you are unable to care for your puppy, contact us.
  Please Do Not take him/her to a shelter! We are dedicated to our puppies and their well being.
         If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

    Your signature below indicates that you accept and understand the terms of this warranty.

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Our Health Warranty
Contact Lucile at 319-397-2376 641-919-4401
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