"Hi There," Welcome to the Zimmerman's! We live on a small 7 acre farmette in Scenic Van Buren Co, Iowa.
           We were blessed with 6 children & are now enjoying being the grandparents of 8 grandchildren.
 We have had a number of different animals over the years. But it was in 2001 that we had our first litter of puppies.
        And now we have some Maltese, Yorkies & Poodles. With the adults being registered with APRI & AKC.
Our main goal is to provide a healthy, well socialized puppy that will come with a wagging tail & lots of puppy kisses.
    We have met a lot of very nice people over the years. We also enjoy the beauty of nature. Who couldn't?
Sara's kittens
"Hey, those are my babies"
Never miss a sunset
Enjoy the little things
an eclipse
Snoopy the llama
Sheep know their shepherds voice ..
Do ewe ?
The orchard in bloom . .
It wasn't the nails that held Christ to the cross - It was LOVE . . .
Robin eggs . .
Fall colors
How Great Thou Art !
Bleeding Hearts
are promises.
Our home since 1996
Take time to smell the Roses
contact us at snlpuppies@netins.net 319-397-2376 or 641-919-4401
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