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Never give your dog chocolate. It contains theobromine, a chemical that is toxic to dogs. Also, don't feed your dogs bones that can splinter or that have sharp edges. Large, hard bones such as knuckle and marrow bones are fine, but parboil them to destroy harmful parasites, and take them away from your dog if he starts to actually eat the bone rather than just chew on it.




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Bringing a puppy home is like bringing home a new baby.




They do not eat much at a time, so they need to eat more often. They also need some quiet time & a chance to get their rest as they adjust to their new home.
 It's important that you feed a good quality puppy food. We're feeding our puppies Nutri Source Small/Medium Breed Puppy. For more information on stores that carry it, visit - www.nutrisourcedogfood .com
If you plan to use a different brand, we recommend that you feed the sample we send along for several days then slowly mix it with the food of your choice.




Puppies that are under stress can get low blood sugar. ( Hypoglycemia )
Common causes of hypoglycemia include stress from missing a meal, lack of water, extreme temperature change,or becoming exhausted from too much play. Typical signs are listlessness & a staggering gait.
Treatment must begin immediately. If the puppy is awake and swallowing give 1/2 teaspoon of corn syrup or pancake syrup by mouth using a dropper. If he is not swallowing rub the syrup on the gums and under the tongue. You should see improvement in about 15 minutes. If the puppy does not improve, call your vet immediately !

We start each puppy on a vaccination/ deworming scedule & will send a copy with the puppy. You will need to take him to the vet within 72 hours for the warranty to be valid. The vet will also need to see when to schedule the next vaccination. It is very important that you keep after their vaccinations the first year of their life.
If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy, please contact us. Please DO NOT take your puppy to a shelter. We care about where our puppies go & want the best for them.
By Honor Tarpenning, NextDayPets.com

1. Be consistent. Choose a spot where you want Puppy to go potty, and take him there every time. Also, come up with a word that you will use every time you want him to go. For example, say “go potty,” then, when your dog does his business, follow it with “good potty” and praise him like crazy. He will quickly learn to associate the word “potty” and the potty spot with doing his business. Don’t change your word around or your dog won’t get what it means.

2. There are tons of dangerous things your pooch can get into when you’re not watching, so you should avoid the hazard all together by keeping a constant eye on your puppy. Furthermore, puppies all display similar behavior before they go potty. They sniff and root around, and turn in circles, and appear restless. Keep an eye out for this behavior and take your pup outside before he ever has a chance to go potty in the house, and you will be a step ahead in training. As you get to know your puppy better, you will grow more familiar with his “gotta go” behavior.

3. Always reward your pup with tons of energetic praise and a treat when he goes potty outside. If you wait until you get inside to give him his treat, he will have already forgotten what he did to deserve it, so keep a couple treats in your pocket every time you walk your pup.

4. Don’t take him inside right away. Your puppy will learn that as soon as he’s done going potty, outside time is over and it’s back in the house, so he’ll stall as long as he can. If you always play with your puppy for a few minutes after he goes potty, he’ll learn to get it out of the way immediately so he can play with you.

5. A puppy shouldn’t be expected to make it more than one or two hours until he is around three months old. This means he might end up waking you up in the middle of the night. Do not be cranky with him just because you’re sleepy, it’s not his fault.

6. Put your pooch on a regular feeding schedule. If you feed him at the same times every day, he will need to go potty around the same times too. If you free feed your dog (leave food out all the time) you won’t be able to regulate his eating to stabilize his potty-time patterns.

7. Always take your puppy out immediately after he wakes up in the morning and after naps, as well as after every meal, play or training time, and last thing before bed.

  1. Pet/baby gates are perfect for restricting puppies to one room where you can keep an eye on them

9. Puppy pads (especially those pretreated with pheromones) are a great way to train your puppy to go in one specific spot indoors if you live in a high rise apartment, or are somehow incapable of taking your puppy out every time it is necessary.
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What Not To Feed Your Dog..
Money can buy a fine dog, but only Love can make him wag his tail..




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